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About Managua

A melting pot of cultures, owing to the mix of its indigenous and colonial past, Nicaragua's capital city has just enough allure to keep the adventurous tourist hooked. Though many tourists prefer to steer clear of the chaos of Managua, give the city a chance, and you will find quite a few hidden gems among the frenzy of honking horns, the jumbled streets, and crowded local markets.

Walking past the remains of the historical center of Managua, scattered around the Plaza de la Republica, you will catch a glimpse of the city's colonial past in the Spanish-style architecture adorning the facades of the cathedral and national palace. Take some time to admire and hear stories about Nicaragua's national heroes, like Ruben Dario and Carlos Foncesca Amador, who's statues still stand in the Plaza.

Managua's geography is also particularly striking. Just at the edge of the historical center, you will come across the wooded area around the Tiscapa volcanic lagoon, where you can hike around to get impressive views of Lake Managua and the city. The shore of Lake Managua itself is not too far, and offers a number of waterfront restaurants and bars that are renowned for a vibrant nightlife scene. For nature lovers, the nearby private reserve of Montibelli offers private bookings, where one can look out for a number of local bird and butterfly species.

While the start-up scene in Nicaragua is not fully developed, it shows great potential for growth. Many nascent start-ups are still in the brick-and-mortar phase, but the demographics are favourable for eventual development at a web level.

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