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Mar del Plata, 60 Gascón

ARS 500 / pp / day

Mar del Plata, 25 de Mayo

ARS 300 / pp / day

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A resort city on the Atlantic coast of Argentina, Mar del Plata is cloaked in gorgeous beaches including the wide Punta Mogotes and Playa Grande where the surf is awesome. The tree-lined streets of the neighborhood of Los Troncos sit behind Playa Grande dressed-up with early 20th century houses that have become museums, such as the Roberto T Barili History Museum that traces the city's history. From the beach to doing a bit of work, coworking spaces have opened up to give globe trotting nomads who like to slather on sun-block an extra reason to hang around with the innovative locals.

One of the main fishing ports and the largest seaside beach resort areas in Argentina with a population of around the 614,350 mark, it is the 7th largest city in the country. Its' main economy is derived from tourism with numerous hotels, restaurants, cafes, theaters, golf courses and casinos to keep everyone happy. It is also home to a multi-purpose Olympic style stadium that was first used in 1978 for the World Cup. Mar del Plata has 2 large shipyards, a bustling fishing port and an industry in fish processing.

Argentina has been an innovation hub of Latin America for a decade and its tech scene is growing. Entrepreneurs do have to jump over some serious hurdles such as an unstable economy with a fluctuating exchange rate and any money made from an investment in Argentina cannot be taken out of the country without paying a huge fee. This has not stopped the brave innovative souls of Argentina who plunge into the worldwide market from day one. Mar del Plata may have its' problems, but for its coworking individuals, the only one is how much sun screen to put on.