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Sitting in the tapas gorging land of Spain where you can swill wine and stuff your face with Catalan treats and decadent Spanish dishes of paella and bean stews, Alfarras is a small town on the right bank of the Noguera Ribagorcana River, about 139km from the bustling hub of Barcelona. The startup scene is growing in the country of Spain and coworking venues are opening their doors in many small cities, such as Alfarras, to cater to the local inhabitants who wish to stay on their own home turf.

The talk is not all about dancing the flamenco or playing soccer and there are plenty of opportunities for tech savvy entrepreneurs as Spanish startups grew 7% in 2017 with signs pointing to a consolidation within the startup community. Spain has a high quality education system that is pushing out hungry youths who are no longer rushing to pursue their careers abroad. These tech souls aren't phased by fear of red tape or failure that have traditionally been the woes of the Spanish startup ecosystem. It is no longer expected to be a civil servant when you graduate and the attractive lifestyle of Spain lures international entrepreneurs and digital nomads to linger where they can have a balanced lifestyle of play and work.

Spain's entrepreneurial activity is spread throughout the whole country with hot spots in Madrid and Barcelona but smaller regions such as Andalucia, Valencia and the Basque region are coming into their own as well. Alfarras is jumping on the bandwagon to prove that you don't have to be in a big city to get creative and succeed. Coworking venues are giving the Alfarras locals the space to meet, connect and collaborate without having to haunt a local cafe and stuff their faces silly all the time.

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