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With a population hovering around 1,300,000, Muscat is both the capital and largest metropolitan city in Oman. Muscat is a premier destination if you enjoy the heat. The summer months see average temperatures in the 90s, while “winter” temperatures rarely dip past 60. The coworking scene has recently begun to heat up too.

Many entrepreneurs are beginning to invest in Oman for a number of reasons. For one, the government is continually working on policies to encourage foreign investors to invest in Oman. Beyond that, Oman, and Muscat in particular rely on imported goods. This creates excellent economic opportunities for locals with connections to foreign companies. With high incomes and standard of livings, locals have abundant disposable income to spend on foreign goods. With around half the labor force consisting of expatriates, you’ll have no difficulty finding highly skilled professionals to collaborate with on your projects.

Muscat offers a high quality of life as well. The government is continually making efforts to expand in tourism. As a result, the city is improving its local attractions and hospitality seemingly by the day. The city also boasts excellent natural features being surrounded by the Rocky Western Al Hajar Mountains and the Arabian Sea. On your days off, consider a hike up the mountain for a wonderful view of the city. Alternatively, take a dip in one of the city’s many luxurious swimming pools. Muscat is also home to a number of notable mosques and museums. Excellent seafood, coffee, and heavenly fresh dates also come highly recommended. 

While Muscat is a traditional uniform city with few high-rise buildings, that only accentuates the magnificence of the nearby mountains. The city is spotlessly clean, boasts a strong economy, and headquarters Oman Air making it a well connected regional hub. Provided you can bear the heat, Muscat’s coworking spaces and the community around them as promising as they come.