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FabLab Iasi offers great value for its residents . A mix of residents coming from different backgrounds ... Show More
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Focused on the technological community from the region: meet-ups, conferences, hackatons. Up to 50 places... Show More
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A university city in eastern Romania, Iasi is right near the Moldavian border and is often referred to as "Jassy". It sits in the historical region of Moldavia and has been one of the primary leading hubs of Romanian social, artistic and academic life for eons. It's "The Cultural Capital of Romania" and stands as a symbol of the country's long history. The city has a big population of 290,422 making it the 4th most populated city in Romania. It's home to the oldest university and the first engineering school in the country having over 60,000 students mingling amidst 5 public universities. There are a huge number of museums, religious and historical monuments plus its botanical gardens are famous. You can say a little prayer for the success of your startup if you poke your nose into the stunning 19th Century Orthodox Church, the St. Paraschiva Metropolitan Cathedral, on your way to your coworking venue. A must-do is to take a peek at the Three Hierarchs Monastery clothed in Moorish-style stone carvings and the Palace of Culture's vast neo-Gothic building.

Iasi has been dubbed as the "city of the hundred churches"; its streets do have contemporary shopping malls and communist-era concrete structures to jolt the brain. Being a university city there are a plethora of cafes, bars and restaurants where students from all over the world gather giving the town its bubbling hive of edgy cosmopolitan flair. Iasi is home to numerous events and festivals such as FILIT (International Festival of Literature and Translation) to SFR (Romanian Film Nights) and the biggest music festival in Moldavia "Afterhills" to name a few.

Romania is being touted as being the next Berlin by 2020 with its fast-growing economy and the fact that it has become a popular tech destination. The country is forging ahead building on its legacy of excellence in mathematics, tech education and science areas with a focus shifting from outsourcing to its own domestic market of innovative companies. This is a country with about 108,000 developers and some of them are masters of the iOS and Android niches. It has about 19,068 software companies within its midst plus a plethora of designers and developers who potentially could change the face of Romania's startup world. Coworking venues have become the hang out space for these creative individuals where they can collaborate and get support from likeminded souls.

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