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About Bakersfield

Welcome to the place of California's other gold rush: "black gold" (otherwise known as oil) has been the backbone of Bakersfield for centuries. Literary enthusiasts will know it as the setting for Upton Sinclair's novel "Oil!," whereas modern-day film buffs (and Daniel-Day Lewis fans) will recognize it as the backdrop for the Oscar-winning film "There Will Be Blood."

But oil isn't the only thing this SoCal city has tapped into: it's also part of the fourth most productive agricultural county in the U.S., not to mention the home of a host of other energy-related industries. And fun fact: it's also where Dewar's, the world's largest ice cream plant, is located. (Now that alone is worth the visit.)

Visitors and locals alike can enjoy the city's eclectic mix of Old Western charm and more modern redevelopment. The city is known for its Basque County cuisine - a unique mix of coastal fish/seafood and inland cured meats. (Check out Benji's or Noriega's for a proper taste test.) And keep the night going with some live music - Rockabilly is the standard local genre - at institutions like The Crystal Palace or Trout's. Just keep in mind that Bakersfield doesn't have a reputation for being the safest city - due in large part to increased gang activity here - so avoid places like the main downtown area late at night.

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