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40 PLN /d
Coworkingness, Poznan



Fully integrated and uniquely inspiring, Coworkingness is a collective coworking space in Poznań, Poland. Desks are a g... More

40 PLN /d
Reaktor, Warsaw



Reaktor is a space based in Warsaw where startups and freelancers co work, collaborate and network. There are accomplishe... More

1400 PLN /m
Explorer HQ - Warsaw, Warsaw

Explorer HQ - Warsaw


Explorer HQ is not only a cool place to be and a great work environment. Our actual goal is to help IT companies by suppo... More

45 PLN /d
Humańska 8, Warsaw

Humańska 8


Is your current work life not productive for you anymore? Well it sounds like you just need a change of environment. Huma... More

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Besides great interior design it's a great place for startups that are looking for meaningful collaborati... Show More
Kasia Bocheńska
Świetne miejsce do pracy w dobrej atmosferze. Dobre zaplecze oraz możliwość nawiązania biznesowych k... Show More
Kamil Rawski
It's not just a 'cowork'. It's a place with soul and that soul's name is Ewelina.
Sylwia Małachowska
Good cooperation, good atmosphere, trampoline for business, city center location, passive rules of use, v... Show More
Grzegorz Mościbrocki

Poland is on track to becoming a powerhouse in the digital world with its rising tally of success stories, a well-developed startup infrastructure in place and the Google Campus sitting in its capital of Warsaw.

A country in Eastern Europe with its feet in the Baltic Sea and the soaring mountain ranges of Sudetes and the Carpathians, it is known for its distinct Jewish heritage and medieval architecture. Bordered by Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, it is the 9th largest country in Europe. There is an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage sites to explore amidst its rich cultural wealth. Poland is a democratic country with a high-income economy that is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world to live in.

With a population of 38,005,614, 67.5% are connected to the Internet, with 36.8% playing on Facebook. In the digital startup sector 39% were software development enterprises and over half of Polish startups are exporting abroad to the US and the UK. A massive 60% of its digital entrepreneurs bootstrapped their startups and they were profitable from the very beginning. Poland is tech innovation and talent rich, with a shift happening from startup to scaling up, if they can attract the appropriate growth funding. Poland may be coming up behind the big boys of Berlin, London and Lisbon, but it is rapidly closing the gap.

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