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Norfolk might not immediately spring to mind as an entrepreneurially savvy place where you might find new ideas. All that is gradually changing, however, with the burgeoning popularity of the University of East Anglia, otherwise known as the UEA. This up-and-coming uni has started to churn out some impressive alumni, including popular Radio 1 DJ Greg James.

With more and more attention on the uni, you can be sure that a lot of young graduates are settling in the city with the idea of making a name for themselves. This means a lot of great opportunities for those that wish to try a coworking space. Start-ups are flourishing everywhere in this city, which still retains a quaint charm owing to its small size and the twisting streets of the city centre.

Driving around this area of the UK often presents a bit of a change of pace from life in bigger cities – tractors and horse riders may clog up the roads, and if they don’t, you can be sure that the local residents will. However, many see this as a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of London or other big metropolitan areas. Here, you can drive to the coast or go for a stroll through a forest area. There is less pressure to succeed, for certain, and also more opportunities to stand out. If you want to get around more quickly, trains and buses both stop in the city, allowing you to take advantage of a park and ride system if you are driving in from elsewhere. Life is uncomplicated here, but you can still spend your cash if you want to – there are two big shopping centres, The Mall and Chapelfield, within walking distance of both one another and the high street. Medieval cobbled streets showcase quirky independent shops, and there are plenty of pubs on offer.

If you want to settle down here, you might want to be quick. House prices are ever on the rise, although outside of the city you will find prices dropping rapidly. It’s still cheaper to live here than in most parts of the UK, and it may well have a claim towards being the cheapest city on offer. If you are coworking because you can’t afford your own space, then this is definitely a great reason to choose Norwich as your new home base.

The city centre is historic, but large areas around it are being redeveloped, creating new homes and new jobs. This could well be the next big place to be, so if you want to ride the wave, you will want to get started soon. By the way, the student population also means that there are going to be some great benefits for you – cheap workers if you need to outsource, great value in the bars and pubs, and a great atmosphere every night of the week.

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