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McKinney, 6800 Weiskopf Avenue

$289 / pp / month

McKinney, 5900 South Lake Forest Drive


McKinney, 2150 South Central Expressway


McKinney, 211 E. Louisiana Street

$20 / pp / day

McKinney, 1720 Bray Central Drive

$200 / pp / month

McKinney, (MCK) 5900 South Lake Forest Drive, Suite 300


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About McKinney

Sitting in Collin County of Texas, McKinney is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area located about 51km north of Dallas with a population of around the 179,804 mark, of which 64% are foreign born residents originating from Mexico. It's home to the Central Park Campus of Collin College and a plethora of high schools both public and private, so there are plenty of tech savvy youth running around its streets and gathering in coworking venues.

Once said to be the best city to live in, there are plenty of sights to poke your nose around such as the Chestnut Square Historic Village, museums and arty spaces for those into a bit of culture.

Sitting in the United States where fewer people are taking the plunge into the startup realm compared to previous years, McKinney is like many other cities where high-tech businesses need to regroup, rethink and rehash to come up with new ideas that haven't been exploited by the tech giants. The tech titans such as Facebook, Apple and Amazon are dominating the playing field leaving less room for innovators to break in. With a mature ecosystem, the fledgling startups of the United States today need to dream bigger, get craftier and widen their imaginations to capture a new market space. Coworking venues are providing the space for collaboration for the tech savvy souls who have the hope and the will to succeed, or they are offering the space to work for remote workers.

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