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Taoyuan City may not be well known, but it’s one of Taiwan’s most important cities. For one, it’s just 45 minutes away from Taipei by car. In fact, if you’ve ever been to Taipei, you probably passed through Taoyuan City as it hosts the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) that most travelers to Taipei fly into. While often overlooked because of Taipei, Taoyuan is a pretty significant city in its own right. Consider that Taoyuan is the fifth largest city in Taiwan and has led the entire country in industrial output for the last decade. It’s also been one of the leaders on the coworking scene.

Whether you’re launching a small startup, or well along the way to building a billion dollar company, Taoyuan has something for you. One benefit the city’s economy offers is its presence of huge manufacturing companies. Large companies such as Quanta, MiTAC and HTC all have factories in Taoyuan. Even if your company won’t work directly with these manufacturers, their presence alone may make it easier for you to source inexpensive materials or hire cheap overseas laborers.

Even better, Taoyuan’s large foreign population results in a diverse food scene. Various Southeast Asian dishes are on the menu throughout the cities’ thousands of restaurants. We recommend the local specialty, popcorn chicken. While the city lacks many tourist sites, this means you’ll enjoy a much lower cost of living and more time to bootstrap than those in Taipei.

Once you’re tired from a long day at one Taoyuan’s coworking spaces, you’ll have various options to network or unwind. The warm climate along with a compact city center makes it easy to stroll through downtown on foot. The bus system is also solid; offering regular cheap trips to Taipei. With excellent infrastructure, and a highly educated yet affordable workforce, Taoyuan is popping for professionals just like the popcorn chicken the city is so famous for.

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