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What was once home to those cute little creatures, beavers (now devoid of their bustling activity due to hunting and pollution), Bobruisk sits on the Berezina River in the Mogilev Region of eastern Belarus. This is where the biggest timber mill in the whole of Belarus is to be found and the city is known for its metalworking, machine building and chemical industries. Over 34,000 students run amok in this town, as there are 34 public schools with 3 specializing in music, dance and the visual arts. So think of prancing art painting and singing bodies hanging out at cafes and bars.

One of the oldest cities, Bobruisk made its debut in the history books in the 14th Century. Those that like to dig up historical knick knacks (aka archaeologists) discovered that Slavic settlements were evident from the 5th and 6th Centuries with stone-age people cavorting in the area prior to this. A devastating fire razed most of Babruysk in 1902 and the Holocaust saw its Jewish population executed with a handful of survivors hiding out with partisan forces in the surrounding forest.

The major tourist attraction in the city is the Babruysk Fortress completed in 1820, after several false starts and numerous invasions from the likes of Napoleon and his ilk. It is one of the most amazing architectural wonders of fortification from the first half of the 19th Century and was the best-equipped defense installations in the whole of Europe with ditches of water and 10 meter high earthworks. With its stunning Classicism style architecture, the fortress is a unique complex with a fascinating history attached to its walls that today are mostly destroyed, as less than half remains. Other landmarks worth investigating include the White Church (St George Church) located near the Bobruisk Fortress walls and St Nicholas Church founded by Alexander Pushkin's granddaughter in the village of Telusha. There is a memorial to fallen soldiers and partisans that were killed during the liberation of Bobruisk District and a quirky monument to the "Beaver".

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