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20 USD /d
Proximity Space, Montrose

Proximity Space


A membership based coworking environment with a communal setting, Proximity Space offers diverse professional independent... More

50 USD /m
Matrix Coworking, Madison

Matrix Coworking


Madison's largest coworking space and most diverse community, Matrix offers 10k sq ft of cross-industry coworking, privat... More

25 USD /d
Alkaloid Networks, Atlanta

Alkaloid Networks


Alkaloid Networks coworking opened in April of 2015. Our founder, Katharine, saw a unique opportunity created by a beauti... More

650 USD /m
Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley, Palo Alto

Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley


In Silicon Valley your business idea gets exposed to radical acceleration, speed and scale. We are here to help Nordic co... More

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Love all the attention to detail this location has. I love their brand NEW outdoor workspace. Their staff... Show More
Niki Ellis
I absolutely love this space! All of the amenities are so thoughtful and the community and staff are real... Show More
Peyton Madsen
I have been a member for over a year. At that time, I never questioned my decision to work at The Haven. ... Show More
Nir Malchy
Central location, clean and modern. Great place to work! Free coffee service, open kitchen and conferenc... Show More
Kristen Diesel

Coworking Spaces in the USA

The United States of America is undoubtedly the most popular country for coworking office space on the planet. With a tech hub in San Francisco and the commerce capital of New York City as just two of the many large and growing cities, the concept of coworking spaces in the USA has taken off in this country faster than many others. This is particularly true among entrepreneurs and self-employed people, who are increasing in numbers here by the day. In many U.S. cities, inner city office space is very expensive, leading smaller businesses and startups to seek out alternative options, including shared office space near them.

History of Coworking Office Space in the USA

The USA is often hailed as hosting the first-ever official coworking space in the world, the Spiral Muse collective in San Francisco’s Mission district. Although that particular cowork space was slow to catch on and closed shortly after, the second iteration, dubbed The Hat Factory took off and started to popularize the concept of coworking in the USA. With the most coworking spaces of any other country in the world, the USA is a clear leader in the industry as a whole.

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Although the types of cowork space depend greatly on the city, the most popular shared office spaces in the USA focus on convenient or transit-centered locations, business efficiency (the higher the Wi-Fi speed, the better) and fun extra perks such as ping pong and relaxation zones. Narrow down your search for cowork spaces in the USA by a variety of features, including price, location, industry, accessibility, and preferred amenities. Coworker makes finding your most ideal coworking spaces across the USA much simpler, thanks to a variety of filters that include everything from seating selection, to meeting room capacity, to catering options and more.

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Home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, the United States covers a vast 50 states in North America, from Alaska to the sandy shores of Hawaii. The main cities include: Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC and Chicago. The country is the 3rd largest by area and by populous in the world (over 324 million people) and one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. A highly developed country with a post-industrial economy, it accounts for almost a quarter of the world's GDP and nearly a 3rd of global military spending. A political and cultural international force, it is a leader in scientific research and technological innovations.

Of its population 88.6% are connected to the Internet, with 59.3% jumping onto Facebook. As of January 2016, the fastest growing startup scenes in the United States did not include New York or Silicon Valley, as one would have thought (probably due to the high cost of living). The fastest "growing" tech scene cities were stated as Kansas City, Dallas, Washington, Austin, Nashville, Boulder, Raleigh, Seattle, Salt Lake City and St Louis.

The government is attempting to attract tech savvy minds to its offices in an attempt to revamp its services under a 2-year federal startup mission. Promises of work perks - to make up for working for the government when finding a chair to sit on in the basement office may be a struggle - is being able to play in the White House bowling alley, instead of having a ping pong table. It is a bid to transform and "hack the bureaucracy and red tape that holds back innovation and progress" in America's oldest institution. The fact that the government has managed to lure the likes of product managers, engineers and designers from Google, GOOG, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, translates to a passionate crew determined to reshape the nation.

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