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The Yard: Eastern Market in Washington

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About Washington

Named after George Washington, Washington sits in the Duchess County of New York northeast of the city of Poughkeepsie with a population of around 4,741 souls meandering its streets, so you shouldn't get too lost in the town. In fact there are 241 townships in the United States named Washington, so don't get them confused. U.S. Route 44 passes across the town, so you can always make a quick getaway if the fancy takes you or if you want to experience a different coworking venue in a different town.

New York has a maturing tech scene that currently boasts around 6,300 startups with tech jobs growing at a rate of 30% over the last decade. Most startups focus on the likes of finance, real estate, fashion and enterprise, which is historically what New York is known for. Apparently there are 7,500 New York based tech companies that are supported by $38.4 billion in investment funds. This has happened over the last 5 years and is underpinned by huge networks of accelerators, incubators, universities and the necessary meet-ups where creatives can mingle. With so many Fortune 500 companies within its midst, fledgling startups are thriving off their success by partnering up with or developing products that enhance what their much larger competitors have on offer.

Breaking into this scene for the most intrepid of innovative souls can be on the daunting side which is where coworking venues come into play as one of the convivial places to hang out, create and get to mingle with those in the know.