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Sitting in Marin County of California, Mill Valley is about 23km north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. Perched on the western and northern shores of Richardson Bay with the eastern slopes of Mount Tamalpais as a background, Mill Valley has a flat coastal area of marshlands plus numerous recreational parks to run around. If you are into getting out into the wild outdoors there are plenty of nature trails to explore such as the Tenderfoot Trail, the Zigzag Trail and for a serious long trek there is the 7.1 mile long Dipsea Trail, which is the most famous hike in Marin County. The city is known for its strong artistic heritage, incredible art galleries and gorgeous open-air coffee shops where some of its 13,903 residents indulge in a coffee whilst others will be getting creative in a coworking venue. Mill Valley has been home to a wealth of actors, authors, musicians, artists and TV personalities such as the author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", John Gray. The city has also been used as the setting for quite a few movies.

There are a lot of brains walking around the streets of California, as the California Institute of Technology generates more patents than any other university in the United States and the University of California in Los Angeles more startups. In fact the area has a startup density on a par with many Silicon Valley cities. California is said to offer to the next generation of tech innovators the perfect base to launch startups with its strong university system, access to funding, brainpower and talent, plus offering a strong ecosystem and a great lifestyle where the weather is warm.

With many graduates wanting to stay on their own home-turf, coworking venues have become the playground and the hangout for these out-of-the-box thinkers where they can get support, mingle with a likeminded community and get their stuff done before heading off into the wild mountains.