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About Mahdia

A coastal city with a population of around the 62,189 figure, Mahdia is known for its fish-processing industry, as well as its weaving. The capital of the Mahdia Governorate, its historical heart is believed to have been named "Aphrodisium", during Roman times. Founded by the Fatimids in 921, its promontory is where you will find a military settlement that has been in situ since the time of the Phoenicians. It has been trampled over by Muslims and Christians and was eventually taken over by Tunis in the 12th Century. The history buff will love this city, as there are still some buildings from the 10th and 11th centuries to saunter around such as the Great Mosque and the Casbah. It was captured by Spaniards in 1550, reoccupied by Ottomans and later ruled by the Turks until the 19th Century. This city of hardy stock is now seeing coworking venues opening in its streets that have seen so many nationalities fight over it.

Tunisia is the first country where startups have successfully lobbied policymakers to change the laws that affect them. Tunisia's Startup Act is taking the country's thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem forward in leaps and bounds. Local entrepreneurs changed laws that stifled competitiveness such as currency controls, customs fees, lack of financial support and the unclear legal framework under which they struggled.

Coworking in Mahida is where these intrepid local souls hang out in collaborative bliss with a new found sense of support by its government having taken the important steps to thrust its country into building a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem.