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About Avila

Sometimes referred to as the "Town of Stones and Saints", Avila claims to be one of the towns with the highest number of Gothic and Romanesque churches per capita in Spain. This is definitely the city to run to if you need to say a little pray before launching that startup into the stratosphere. Described by some as the most 16th Century town in Spain, Avila sits in the rolling hill country northwest of Madrid. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 for its intact medieval walls circling the old city plus its 80 odd semicircular towers and 9 gates (including the arched El Alcázar). This is a wet pants moment for anyone into ancient civilizations, as most of the long walls are walkable. You won't find a coworking venue sitting atop the walls as they are firmly on the cobblestoned ground, but you will have an amazing view over the city.

A town that belongs in fairytales, Avila was developed after it had been re-conquered from the Moors and to stand as a fortress against the Caliphate hiding in the south. This is also where pilgrims flock due to its connection with the patron saint, "Saint Teresa" of whom many miracles and legends are attributed to. The local talk is not all about dancing the flamenco, playing soccer or stuffing your face with tapas.

There are plenty of opportunities for tech savvy entrepreneurs with Spanish startups growing 7% in 2017 with signs pointing to a consolidation within the startup community. Spain has a high quality education system that is pushing out hungry youths that are no longer rushing to pursue their careers abroad. These tech souls aren't phased by fear of red tape or failure that have traditionally been the woes of the Spanish startup ecosystem. Spain's entrepreneurial activity is spread throughout the whole country with hot spots in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as within smaller regions. Coworking venues are giving the Avila locals the space to meet, connect and collaborate, without having to haunt a local cafe of which there are many to choose from.