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Thessaloniki, like its big sister Athens, is a mixture of rich cultural heritage and modern Greek style. In the eyes of the historic traveler, it serves as a convenient journey down the timeline from ancient Athens to historic Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman relics. The grand churches such as the Agia Sofia and Agios Demetrios belong rightly to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list. The Byzantine walls and White Tower still stand watch on the north, and a smattering of excellent museums and galleries serve to transport any willing participant through a rich history of empires and people. But one need not relegate themselves to the past.

Thessaloniki is a modern cultural haven, with more cafes and bars per capita than anywhere else in the country and lively festivities to be found around the calendar. The central food market provides a vibrant and frenzied way to purchase cheap eats. Trendy and crowded restaurants, tavernas, and bars can be found in all corners of the city, and once the sun goes down parties can be found in many of them.

The waterfront provides a particularly scenic spot to grab a drink, head out on a ferry, or try your hand at sailing (though be forewarned the winds here can be difficult so it’s not recommended for beginners). Whether your pleasure consists of diving into the illustrious Grecian history or reveling in the rich cultural present or some mixture of the two, Thessaloniki is sure to offer any nomad plenty of reasons to settle in for a while and explore.