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A modern city cloaked in ancient ruins, Amman is the capital and the economic, political and cultural hub of Jordan. The administrative heart with a massive population of 4,007,526, will give you no shortage of playmates or new friends in a coworking venue when you want to get some work done. This is a major tourist destination and the 4th most visited Arab city with the 9th highest in the international visitor spending ranks. Serviced by the Queen Alia International Airport, it draws about 1.8 million tourists on an annual basis. Numerous multinational corporations operate from the city and it's regarded as being the Middle Eastern city with the most potential to be a leader in foreign direct investment. Several of the globes largest investment banks call it home such as Citibank, Standard Chartered and Generale.

Innovative tech startups are flourishing right across the Middle East with brilliant minds creating the likes of "Jamalon" that is an online platform letting customers buy and ship Arabic and English language books. In the last few years, Arab entrepreneurs have raised more than $3 billion in technology investments for the region. There has been an increase in access to smartphones that has reduced the tech gap between the haves and the have-nots. Tech savvy youth are increasingly getting funding from friends and family and coming up with inventive ways of working around the region's institutional, political and economic problems. The Middle East is seeing more conferences and incubators for entrepreneurs and investors where they can network and exchange ideas.

The tech savvy youth of the Middle East aren't just copying ideas from the West, but are drawing on new technologies to solve everyday dramas around them. Coworking is one more step in the budding ecosystem where innovation based on individual insights and experiences is a collaborative effort.