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About Kearny

Kearny West is part of the city of Kearny sitting in the county of Hudson of New Jersey. It is actually a suburb of Newark with a small population. It was formed in the year 1867 as a township named after Philip Kearny, a Civil War General. Not incorporated until the year 1899, there is not a lot here to have you swooning if making any kind of reaction at all, unless a reduction in sales tax at certain shops (it is an Urban Enterprise Zone) turns you on.

One highlight for the town must have been the fact that the drama series "The Sopranos" was partially filmed in Kearny. From its colonial roots of being bought for 20 pounds sterling from the chief of the Hackensack tribe, it later became a copper mining town. This was all destroyed in 1772. In the early 1900s the economy was based on manufacturing marine and railway lamps and during World War I cargo and warships were built at the Kearny Yards.
It is pretty much just a suburban area full of mums, dads, kids and grand-folks with a number of parks to vegetate in that run along the Passaic River.

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