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About Elda

Elda is in the province of Alicante in Spain with a population of around the 55,618 number. The Vinalopo River flows through the urban area that is known for its footwear industry, especially for women. If you happen to love shoes or even if you have a foot fetish, there is a Footwear Museum to get excited about. For the history buff there is the Torre del Homenaje del Castillo that dates from the 12th Century, a palace and the Santa Ana church to poke your nose into. The Castelar Square is where to sit and sip your espresso. A stunning landscape of mountains aprons the city as it snuggles into a valley of natural beauty. Coworking venues have crept in beside the shoe shops to support the locals doing their own thing, rather than working in the traditional shoe industry.

This attractive lifestyle lures tech geeks from all over the world for its relatively cheap cost of living, the general lifestyle of laid-back vibes with tapas infused night revelry. The talk is not all about what shoes you are wearing or playing soccer and there are plenty of opportunities for tech savvy entrepreneurs, as Spanish startups grew 7% in 2017 with signs pointing to a consolidation within the startup community.

Its locals are no longer running abroad to pursue their dreams and coworking venues have given them the place to mingle and collaborate with likeminded souls on their own home ground either wearing snazzy shoes or in barefoot bliss.