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About Baden

A town for those who like to self-pamper, Baden bei Wein is a spa town located in the southwest of Vienna. Locally referred to as simply "Baden", it's the capital of the Baden District with memorials to Beethoven and Mozart sitting in its stunning Kurpark, hiking trails lead to Kalvarienberg and there is a park in the hills that lures you into the Vienna Woods. Huddled around the mouth of the Schwechat River, its name is taken from the region's 13 hot springs where you can wallow in water with temperatures ranging from 72 to 97 °F (22 to 36 °C). The city is easily accessible via autobahn, so you can escape to Vienna if you need a big city fix or a change of a coworking venue.

Dating back to the Roman days, the city at that time was known by the name "Aquae Cetiae" or "Thermae Pannonicae". You can still see some of the ruins, so the history buffs will be grinning. Repeatedly ravaged by the Turks and the Hungarians, Baden bounced back after each occurrence. Baden is no tech hub per se, as it's more a city for warming the body in a spa. It does however sit in Austria that is doing everything it can to support and nurture a startup ecosystem. Austria is seen as an "emerging hub" where international young companies can have a dynamic ecosystem with plenty of exciting things happening in the financial area as well as the political arena for supporting startups.

The Austrian tech scene is young, fresh, mobile and attractive with one of the best qualities of life available in the world. It's offering a great location, a brainy workforce and funding support, plus well-developed channels of know-how transfer between companies and the scientific community. Many tech-startups are beginning to look at Austria in a different light and Baden in particular, considering that once you have finished getting creative in a coworking venue, you can run along and have a hot bath.