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Sitting about 5km from San Rafael, Fairfax is a town in the Marin County of California. Undulating hills and lush valleys surround Fairfax that was first incorporated as a town in 1931 and named after Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax. It was the site of the last political duel in California when in 1861 Charles W Percy and Daniel Showalter settled their differences with a dual that resulted in the death of Piercy. About half of its population of 7,598 residents are under the age of 44 giving the city a youthful vibe. This quaint town is small, as it only covers 5.7 sq km of land, but you will find everything you need to lead a blissful lifestyle.
There are a lot of brains walking around the streets of California as the California Institute of Technology generates more patents than any other university in the United States and the University of California in Los Angeles more startups. In fact the area has a startup density on a par with many Silicon Valley cities. California is said to offer to the next generation of tech innovators the perfect base to launch startups with its strong university system, access to funding, brainpower and talent, a strong ecosystem and the bonus of warm weather.
With many graduates wanting to stay in their own hometowns, coworking venues have become the playground and the hangout for many creatives where they can get support, mingle with likeminded souls and get their stuff done.