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About Saint Egidi

Saint Egidi was once a border crossing checkpoint on the Austrian-Slovenia border until the year 2007, when Slovenia joined the Schengen Area. Saint Egidi sits in Central Europe on the crossroads of the European cultural and trade routes. Italy is to its west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Croatia to the southeast and the Adriatic Sea fringes its southwest. In the whole municipality there are about 2.07 million souls with its capital and largest city being Ljubljana. Cloaked in mountains with predominantly a continental climate, the region does have significant biological diversity with plenty of river networks and amazing karst underground waterways. More than half of the area is smothered in forests, so you will have plenty to do in the outdoors when you are over getting your stuff done in a coworking venue.

The region of Saint Egidi is no tech hub per se, but Austria is doing everything it can to support and nurture a startup ecosystem. Austria is seen as an "emerging hub" where international young companies can have a dynamic ecosystem with plenty of exciting things happening in the financial area, as well as the political arena for supporting startups. The country wishes to become a meeting point for innovation and progress for entrepreneurial types. It's alluded to that the Austrian tech scene is young, fresh, mobile and attractive, with one of the best qualities of life available in the world. It's offering a great location, a brainy workforce and funding support plus well-developed channels of know-how transfer between companies and the scientific community.

Austria has everything to offer the fledgling startup, the creative entrepreneur or the inventive soul who likes to sit by a fire slurping on beef soup in between doing bouts of work in a coworking venue.