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The capital of Zimbabwe, Harare is one of the more attractive cities in South Africa. It is a laid-back capital with wide avenues of dusty red earth and blooming jacarandas. Sitting in the northeast of the country it has an estimated population of 1,606,000 souls with 2,800,000 living in its metropolitan area. Harare has a vibrant and dynamic coworking scene happening with workspaces dotted around the town and plenty of Angel List investors following Zimbabwean startups.

Harare is the leading political, financial, commercial and communications heart of Zimbabwe. It is a trading hub for tobacco, maize, cotton and citrus fruits. Gold is mined in the area and manufactured goods include textiles, chemicals and steel. Here you will find the country's oldest university, The University of Zimbabwe founded in 1952, plus it is home to the country's main test cricket ground.

There are definitely some top startups happening in all sectors from education to media and coworking spaces have their own things happening from the advent of accelerators and incubators plus offering mentors and coaches for the intrepid innovative minds who may be floundering. There are plenty of workshops, tech talks and events at any one of the wide spreading coworking venues. Zimbabwe's entrepreneurial landscape is getting a helping hand from the government that wishes to fund tech startups and innovation hubs around the country.