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About Peshawar

The city of Peshawar, the frontier town nestled in the foot of the Khyber Pass, has more than a few shades of Afghanistan in its labyrinth of bustling streets, crowded bazaars, and majestic old city. Once a popular trading town, multiple invasions over the centuries have left their mark on the city, which still holds an inescapable air of romance.

While the politically unstable environment has reduced its popularity as a tourist destination over the past few years, the daring tourist can lose himself in the intrigue of Peshawar's history - visible in its numerous ancient forts, mosques, and the shady avenues of the British cantonment area. Take some time to wander around and explore, sample a taste of the rich local cuisine, and soak in the aromas of tobacco and smoke that seem to pervade every inch of the old bazaar.

Peshawar might be facing one of the toughest epochs in its history, but adversity has only strengthened its will, as is visible from the burgeoning start-up scene in the city. The recent Digital Youth Summit in the city attracted a vast amount of local talent with hundreds of fantastic business ideas. Local social enterprises, such as Peshawar 2.0, are working hard to develop the start-up community in the city. This, combined with favourable demographics, cheap labour, and a large degree of internet penetration make conditions ripe for any start-up looking to strike virtual gold.

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