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While traces of Communism (and the ever-popular Vlad the Impaler) are still evident in Bucharest, this is a city that's rapidly transforming into a cultural, financial, and industrial hub. With major international brands flocking to the city, this is also Romania's largest center for IT and communications services.

Zipping around Bucharest is easy, thanks to one of the largest public transport systems in all of Europe. It boasts an extensive metro system, as well as a network of buses, trams, trolleybuses, and light rail cars.

Explore the city to see some great museums, beautiful parks, and trendy cafes. And outdoor terraces abound here, practically rivaling Paris for its love of dining and drinking al fresco. But be aware that those terraces are about to get even more crowded: March 2016 marked the revolutionary indoor smoking ban in a city that was once dubbed "Europe's smoking section."

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Have you dreamed of living and working in an old-world European city? Known as ‘The Paris of the East,’ Bucharest is a bustling metropolis of commerce and culture, and an exciting place to live and work. Due to the impressive economic boom in recent years, coworking space in Bucureșt is a hot commodity. A beautiful city of tree-lined streets and old-world charm, Bucharest has something for anyone and everyone. Discover this city’s magic by renting a coworking space in Bucharest now.

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If you are considering coworking in Bucharest, you have come to the right place. Coworker is renowned the world over for our wide-reaching and accessible alternative work spaces, and that includes myriad options of shared offices in Bucharest. We have options that are short term or long term, and suitable for any size of company. Whether it’s a team of hundreds or a burgeoning partnership, Coworker will help you find the ideal space for coworking in Bucharest. Check out our listings and discover what working in Bucharest could do for your business.

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A major advantage to booking coworking space in Bucharest with Coworker is the availability of options. Depending on what your company is looking for, options for shared offices in Bucharest include a wide range of amenities and services including: receptions services, printing and scanning services, various furniture and layout choices, high speed internet and/or WiFi, access to meeting and conference rooms, and mail service, to name a few. Additionally, when you book Bucharest shared office space with Coworker, you know you are booking a space that has been vetted and validated by our team.