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Minnesota's 8th largest city with a population of about 68,385, Maple Grove is the retail, cultural and medical center of the northwest region of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan region. It is actually home to the Hindu Temple of Minnesota which is the largest Hindu temple in the state and has one of the largest shopping centers within its midst for those that are into trashing their credit cards. With an enterprising scene that is diverse and includes anything from food to finances to retail, Maple Grove has a thriving startup community that gather at coworking venues dotted around the town.

The local entrepreneurs are shy about telling their own stories, but there is definitely upward movement with plenty of startups, investors and collaborators working in the region. The common thread amongst them all is the desire to solve real problems, rather than setting up "nice to have" goals. There is plenty of innovative and creative brainpower lurking in the state. The future of entrepreneurship in Minnesota still faces a few hurdles such as its risk-averse culture and the fact that its ecosystem is largely made up of early-stage companies.

Coworking venues have become the place to hang out and get some work done with likeminded souls, rather than putting up with annoying disruptions in a cafe or a home scenario where the cost of over-shopping is on the agenda.