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About Incheon

Leading the economic development of Korea by opening its port to the outside world, Incheon was designated as Korea's first free economic zone. Since this event large companies and global enterprises have invested in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, such as Samsung. An international modern city that holds numerous large-scale conferences, its a major transportation hub in northeast Asia and home to the Green Climate Fund that is an international organization focused on environmental issues. Sitting alongside its massive international airport, casino, spa and golf course cloaked cityscape there are beach-lined islands. Coworking venues have popped up to cater to its horde of students that attend one of the many universities in the city and its intrepid locals who wish to get some work done.

Sitting about 36km from Seoul, you will find a vibrant fish market at Yeonan that will leave you gob-smacked, a colourful Chinatown you won't want to leave and tourist-friendly bars where you will linger way after you should have gone home. A city that grew from about 4,700 people in 1883, today it's a heaving mass of humanity with almost 3 million people living in the city. Its startup scene is rapidly expanding, as its young entrepreneurs get over their risk-aversion attitude and traditional mindset associating success with working for an industry leader.

The South Korean government is encouraging this change of heart in its tech savvy youth in the form of grants and other initiatives. In fact no other country in the world has more backing per capita from the government than Korea. This is a country with the 4th highest mobile penetration globally and the highest credit card penetration (think 5 credit cards per person on average) making endless opportunities for rapid adoption in mobile commerce (currently mobile commerce makes up 28% of total online sales). The tech savvy youth of South Korea, many of who have studied abroad, are busily hanging out in coworking venues creating startups with global ambitions.