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About Harrisonburg

Known as the "Poultry Capital" of the world, you had better like fried chicken if you come here. A processing center in dairy, livestock and of course poultry, sleepy Harissonburg played an active role in the Civil War as part of the Confederacy. Sitting in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, its origins can be traced back to 1779. Having 2 universities in the area, it is a quirky city of dated traditions juxtaposed with the exuberance and frenzied fever of the university students.

For the history chaser there is the Virginia Quilting Museum (don't get too excited) plus a couple of monuments dedicated to the Civil War soldier and when you are on Route 11 you will see turkey statues denoting the area's commercial base. Getting away from feathered birds of the edible variety, there are traditional farmer's markets to meander around. The Shenandoah National Park where you can go rock climbing on the "Rock Scramble" trail or simply take a hike along one of the many hiking trails. If you are of the lazy variety, then take a car along the Skyline Drive where there are numerous panoramic viewing points or spots to have a picnic such as the highest point in Northern Virginia, Reddish Knob. In the winter months there is snow tubing, skiing and snowboarding to be had at the Massanutten Resort. You can explore a cavern at the Augusta County's Grand Caverns, meander through a museum or catch a game of baseball.

The must do is to grab a home made ice cream from Kline's Dairy Bar and lick your way to heaven. Or, go to Cally's Restaurant and Brewing Company that is a city hot spot especially at nights on the rooftop where you can indulge in an award winning beer brew such as "Nut Brown" or "Smokin' Scottish".

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