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Matsumoto, 大手4-1-13

¥2,000 / pp / day

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Coworking venues are springing up throughout Japan at a fast rate and the city of Matsumoto is no exception. Known for its 16th Century stronghold nicknamed "Crow Castle" because of its distinct black walls, it is a mountain city on Japan's main island, Honshu. The town is cloaked in old merchant houses that will take you back in time, whilst the Japanese Alps loom over it with their decadent hot springs, ski runs and hiking trails. Matsumoto was formerly known as "Fukashi" and it was founded in the 8th Century.

As the locals of Matsumoto will know, Wi-Fi is rarely free in Japan, hence the rise in coworking venues where intrepid and innovative souls can get their stuff done without worrying about this fact. For the international crawling gypsy with a laptop in tow, it is a wise move to grab a Suica/Pasmo card upon arrival anywhere in Japan, as this is how you will cover your public transportation.

Matsumoto is a popular place for young Japanese craving a rural lifestyle, as it has the benefits of being one of Japan's finest cities with a cosmopolitan vibe and yet the proximity to the wild outdoors for adventures. It sits in a fertile valley and has plenty of galleries, cafes and pretty streets to explore and enchant. With the appearance of coworking spaces, there is nothing that can't be achieved in this heavenly landscape where many startup founders are creating their own havens.