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About Tsuruoka

Sitting on Japan's Honshu Island, Tsuruoka is known for the 3 sacred mountains of Dewa, which include Mount Haguro, that is home to a shrine and a 5-story pagoda that is Japan's National Treasure. With an estimated population of around the 129,639 mark, it is the biggest city in Tohoku region in terms of area. Here you will find a couple of beaches, such as Yunohama and Sanze, plus 2 main rivers running through the city, the Akagawa and the Mogami Rivers. Tsuruoka has a humid continental climate, meaning that the summers are warm and the winters are a bit on the chilly side with heavy snowfalls, so make sure you have mittens and a beanie ready when you meander to your coworking venue in the cold.

The economy of Tsuruoka is based in light manufacturing, commercial services, agriculture and commercial fishing. The city is registered as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy for its more than 50 species of "ancestral food" that have remained the same for several centuries. Think round eggplants, a spicy-sweet potato and a red turnip to name a few. It's the city of hot soup such as potato soup, bamboo soup or kandarajiru, which is a soup containing black cod fished during the winter months when it is supposed to be at its tastiest. For those folks into their seafood, a veritable feast can be had on fresh cherry salmon, blue crab, black rockfish and the list goes on.

Literally surrounded by forests, mountains and plains, Tsuruoka's common thatch-roofed houses are one of the iconic symbols of the city. This is a city that cries out to be explored either with your eyes or your taste buds. It is also home to many tech savvy souls who have no intention of leaving their gastronomic haven and are quite happy getting creative and innovative with likeminded souls in their closest coworking space.