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I enjoyed working here, central location, Nice people, a professional place recommended!
Reut May
University CoWork is really what coworking is all about - community. It is so refreshing to be in a space... Show More
Paulina Kot
I'm biased, but love this space. It brings downtown amenities to the heart of Woodlawn/Hyde Park. The fac... Show More
David Christopher
They turned a macaroni factory into artist loft spaces, a variety of businesses, and the Blue Lacuna cowo... Show More
Neil Smalheiser

Chicago has given the world the vacuum cleaner for which the clean freaks are thankful, the deep-dish pizza, the Ferris wheel, Twinkies and the first black American President, Barack Obama.  Nicknamed the "Windy City" when maybe it should be called "Playboy Heaven" as Hugh Hefner started the publication of Playboy in Chicago in 1953, it is home to the first Playboy Mansion and where the playboy bunnies first appeared in a Playboy Club in 1960. 

Over 35 million visitors a year flock to Chicago.  Sitting on Lake Michigan in Illinois, the city is over run with bold skyscrapers thrusting into the heavens and is home to 11 listed Fortune 500 Companies. It has the longest continuous street in the world, Western Avenue that runs for an incredible 23.5 miles, so put on your roller skates to explore this one. 

A major draw card for the city is its annual free outdoor food festival, the "Taste of Chicago" which is the largest of its kind in the world.  For lazy afternoon naps under trees, jogging paths or simply leisurely walking time, there are 552 parks to choose from.  If getting sand between your toes is more what you are looking for, there are 15 miles of glorious sun drenched beaches to wade, splash or recline on. 
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