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About Pulkau

A city sitting between tradition and modernity, Pulkau is now seeing coworking spaces popping up to cater to the innovative locals who are over working in cafes or alone at home. This is wine land wedged on a wide high plateau in the North of Austria and about 80km from Vienna. It's really small and quaint with a population of around the 1,500 mark. For the wandering souls who happen to find themselves in Pulkau, you will have to remember a few German phrases, as not everyone speaks English.

Actually for anyone visiting Austria, let alone coworking individuals trekking the globe, apart from the language barrier that may happen there are a few other rules and customs you should be aware of. As of 2018 Austria is the only country where you can't wear a burqa in the streets and you should make sure that you carry around some spare change for when nature calls, as most public restrooms will charge you a small fee to use them. Tipping 10% of your restaurant bill is accepted and you will have to ask for your bill, as a waiter will not automatically present it to you.

This is not a tech hub, but there are locals using coworking spaces for networking, mingling with a likeminded community and taking advantage of the office infrastructure that is on offer. It is actually perfect for those creative folk into their wine, history and checking out the gorgeous landscape surrounding Pulkau, as it is perfect for hiking.