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With this beach capital of Mexico that attracts over 2.2 million tourists each year, the only thing starting up here will be endless sun worshipping, gorging on amazing food and hanging out way past midnight at one of the many nightclubs around.

For those who do wish to get some work done there are a few coworking spaces sprouting up to cater to the local professionals - maybe those who forgot to leave this idyllic enclave - and who don't wish to set up their own premises to work from, or globe trotting nomads lugging laptops looking for that perfect spot to get the creative juices flowing.

Puerto-Vallarta has a cobblestoned heart where the ornate Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church dominates the square, eclectic boutique shops for the shopaholic to trash credit cards at plus an endless number of bars and restaurants to hang out in. The beachside promenade is where you can flounce your stuff at any time of the day from jogging in the sunrise to strutting with a sunset backdrop over the water.

Known by the locals simply as "Vallarta", this is where you can jump on the back of a horse, take a boat ride or a diving trip into the blue yonder. So if you want a bit of excitement instead of a normal coffee break or hurried lunch time-out, it is all waiting for you the minute you step outside the coworking doors. If you are chasing the dynamic startup scene of Mexico, this is not the city you are looking for. The only thing you will be chasing here is the glorious sun on the sparkling sand of Banderas Bay.