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About Moosburg

A market town in the Klagenfurt-Land district, Moosburg sits in the Klagenfurt Basin bordering the municipalities of Portschach and Krumpendorf that are both popular swimming resorts on the north shore of Lake Worth. Moosburg had Romans running amok through its old streets since Roman times when it was a part of the Noricum province. You can still see well-preserved sections of Roman roads and tombstones, plus an excavated ancient villa near the village of Tigring. From castles to fortresses, Moosburg will fire up your imagination and get the creative juices flowing for when you walk into a coworking venue to do some stuff on your fledgling startup.

Moosburg is no tech hub per se, but Austria is doing everything it can to support and nurture a startup ecosystem. The country is seen as an "emerging hub" where international young companies can have a dynamic ecosystem with plenty of exciting things happening in the financial area, as well as the political arena for supporting startups. It's alluded to that the Austrian tech scene is young, fresh, mobile and attractive with one of the best qualities of life available in the world offering a great location, a brainy workforce and funding support, plus well-developed channels of know-how transfer between companies and the scientific community.

Austria has everything to offer the fledgling startup, the creative entrepreneur or the inventive soul who likes to sit by a fire in a feeding frenzy of roast goose or potato goulash in between doing bouts of work in a coworking venue.