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Nagasaki, 6-35 Uwamachi

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Let's get it out of the way; Nagasaki will forever be synonymous with the dropping of the 2nd atomic bomb (Hiroshima being the 1st) in 1945 during World War II. You can walk around the city's Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park if you wish to do a bit of reflection. It's a city on the northwest coast of Kyushu Island with a large natural harbor where houses cling to terraces on the surrounding hills and cobblestoned streets need to be negotiated to get to your coworking venue. Nagasaki has a population of around the 425,723 mark and was once the centre of the Dutch and Portuguese from the 16th to the 19th Centuries.

This is where the East meets the West as far as culinary treats are concerned and the streets are a colorful visual feast of buildings, churches, shrines and temples. The city has been a bridge between Japan and mainland Asia for centuries and its culture has co-existed with numerous other cultures for eons, creating an exotic and tangible flavor with plenty of places to gawk at if you are into taking a waltz around this beautiful city.

Nagasaki as with other cities in Japan has a growing startup scene where many have the privilege of being able to stay private for a long time with sizable rounds of funding generating growth. Japanese startups tend to focus on the domestic market due to the language barrier; which is actually the world's 3rd biggest market giving its founders a home-turf advantage. Foreign competitors have trouble attempting to infiltrate the Japanese market, as it is relatively closed off to outsiders. Coworking venues are awash in local innovative tech gurus who collaborate and connect by the day and indulge in a little bit of sake at night to settle down the brain waves.