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About Surakarta

An historic royal capital on the Indonesian Island of Java, Surakarta is a major center for dyed batik fabric. It is the birthplace of the current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo and is commonly called "Solo". Most tourists miss out on this amazing city in their rush to explore the whole of Indonesia and now that coworking has appeared on the radar, there is no excuse any more not to visit this fascinating city.

Surakarta is known more for its business than tourism and is one of those places that is yet to be spoiled, which is good news for intrepid freelancers looking for somewhere to mingle with the local tech scene. There are plenty of things to do when the brain is getting dull such as checking out the batik at the Klewer Market, which is a traditional affair offering different varieties and quality of batik fabric. If you are into old Javanese daggers and maybe the odd leather puppet, you should head to the antique, or maybe it is really a flea market, at Pasar Triwindu. When you need a break from tapping on your laptop there is the Old Royal Palace to meander around or the grand mosque "Masjid Agung Surakarta" to gawk out.

There are white buffaloes to stare at and a steam train that you can jump on board. Temples, waterfalls and night markets give everyone an excuse to get out of a coworking venue, whilst the main attraction may very well be the culinary adventure you can have. The must try is the "nasi liwet" which is steamed rice cooked in coconut milk and chicken broth and dished up with bits and pieces of sliced omelet, shredded chicken, vegetables or even a boiled egg. You can snack on Indonesian pancakes made from rice flour with coconut milk or gorge yourself on "buntel" a satay made from minced goat meat wrapped in goat fat. It's all food for the brain.