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About Offenburg

First mentioned in historical documents dating from 1148, Offenburg is the largest city in Ortenaukreis and sits on the east of the Rhine River with the French city of Strasbourg directly west across the Rhine. A city with a turbulent past, coworking venues have appeared in its streets where Roman ruins have been found.

According to Germany's minister of economic affairs, startups have become a well-established sector in all of Germany's regions, with Offenburg being no exception. In a country where every 10th founder of a tech company is foreign-born, the tech scene is definitely diverse. Despite the fact that there are quite a few hurdles to overcome the German Accelerator, a government-backed program, has been instigated. It is a valuable resource for local entrepreneurs wishing to take their startups to the global market. There is also the High-Tech Founders' Fund, EXIST, which is aimed at improving the entrepreneurial environment and INVEST that subsidizes angel investments. Now coworking spaces are adding their input by giving the budding startups, local freelancers and gung-ho entrepreneurs a space to connect, collaborate and to get their stuff done.

Offenburg is representative of the startup landscape, in that most founders are around 35 years of age and are a part of a regional cluster. Despite being reserved in respect to future prospects for their startups, it is not deterring their hankering for innovative places to work from, such as coworking enclaves.