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Tirana, Rruga Kolombo

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Tirana, Tirana, Albania

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Chaotic, beautiful, historic, and always fascinating, Tirana is the beating heart and capital of Albania dancing at the foothills of Dajti Mountain. Multi-colored buildings and relics of a rich and diverse history line the crowded streets, and unique architecture and iconic structures can be found in bountiful supply. Plentiful parks and sidewalks make walking a pleasurable and adventurous mode of transport, and the preferable one for nomads looking to avoid the hazardous road conditions.

When you tire of the city it’s a short trip to Mount Dajti where nature hikes and a pleasant cable car provide magnificent views overlooking the area.

A short trip in the opposite direction will land you on the Albanian coast where you can find all fashion of beaches from the sandy and abandoned to the party central varieties. In between lakes, fields, and farmland make scenic journeys and vistas never too far away. .All manner of beauty resides here in the heart of Albania, and its vibrancy can readily ensnare any wanderer into its spell.