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Saint Julian (aka San Giljan) is a seaside town that sits in the central region of Malta. This is the place for those into meandering along beaches, dipping toes in sandy shores, reveling the nights away in bars and nightclubs or sauntering a beachfront promenade taking deep breaths of salt air. It overflows with traditional fishing boats with painted eyes on the front of the boats staring at you. These eyes are believed to protect the fishermen from evil (such as sinking when they are out at sea) and are a leftover belief from an old Phoenician tradition. This is a tourist mecca located north of Valletta, Malta's capital city. Coworking venues have sprung up in this typical village that is now home to a marina and luxury boutiques.

With a permanent population of around the 10,000 mark, Saint Julian swells during the summer months to accommodate all of the tourists that flock to its shores. You won't find a tech hub happening here, but it does get the overflow of innovative souls who have no desire to relocate to the somewhat big city of Valletta. Its central position in the Mediterranean makes it a strategic hub in Europe and maybe the future relocation destination for UK startups and companies searching for a secure point of entry into the European market. If its sunny climate is not enough to lure creatives to its doors, then its friendly and secure business environment plus its English speaking community are big factors as well that can't be ignored.

For the local residents who wish to stay in their own hometown of Saint Julian, coworking venues have given them an alternative to work from, rather than jostling for a seat in a local cafe with iffy Wi-Fi. Plus there is always the bonus that you can take off fishing when your brain is about to implode.

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