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About Mutare

The 4th largest city in Zimbabwe and formerly known as "Umtali" until 1983, Mutare is the capital of Manicaland province. Despite being founded in the late 19th Century, Mutare has a long history of trading caravans passing through its midst, as they struggled to the Indian Ocean from ports such as Sofala. A country known for soapstone carvings littering its ancient trade routes, the city has been a wealth of fun for archaeologists who have found jewelry, weapons and other objects in its vicinity. Bordering Mozambique and that country's port of Beira, Mutare has been called "Zimbabwe's Gateway to the Sea" or "Gateway to the Eastern Highlands". Coworking has now appeared on the streets of Mutare attracting its tech hungry and savvy youth to its doors.

Mutare is ranked 8th in Africa in relation to its Internet speeds and the cost is relatively high for the average citizen; consequently this is definitely no tech hub. In spite of this, there are the intrepid souls who are hungry to succeed. Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in the whole of Africa and the country is now looking to China to help build the tech know-how to create one of the continent’s biggest IT hubs underpinned by big data and artificial intelligence. Where this will lead, only the future will tell.

With an economy that has been based in mining and agriculture, especially in cotton and tobacco, Zimbabwe is only one African nation looking at the potential of supporting a knowledge-led economy. In the mean time coworking venues are playing a supportive role for the intrepid and forward-thinking citizens giving them somewhere to mingle and to share ideas.