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Konomachi Cafe in Sagamihara

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About Sagamihara

With brilliant transport connections to Tokyo, Hachioji and Yokohama, Sagamihara is actually a suburb of the Greater Tokyo Area with a population of about 720,986. This is no little urban area, as you can imagine with that many people wandering its' streets. Settled since ancient times, Sagamihara has plenty for the history buff to get weak at the knees about. Once home to the Yokoyama clan (think samurai warriors), it is now home to the warriors of the tech age with a plethora of coworking venues opening their doors.

The Japanese startup scene is rapidly growing with expectations that it will rejuvenate the country's economy. It has a huge domestic market (think the world's 3rd biggest) that is very hard for outsiders to penetrate. There is an emerging grassroots ecosystem happening that will connect the startup world and give ambitious entrepreneurs the right guidance, mentors and contacts. Its' youth, who were once risk-averse, are now looking beyond the stability of corporate or public-sector jobs and taking entrepreneurship to a new level predominantly in the fields of health care, agritech, Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence.

Coworking venues are providing the link in the chain where these intrepid creatives can gather en masse to learn, meet likeminded souls and to get their work done in comfy surrounds.