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About Bainbridge Island

A small city in the western part of Washington State, Bainbridge Island is connected to Seattle by ferry and has a population of around the 23,025 mark. Named as the second best place to live in the United States, in 2013 it was recognized by Google with an eCity Award. This award is for cities with a strong online business community, so it is little wonder that coworking venues have opened their doors on Bainbridge Island that has become an affluent bedroom community of Seattle, which is only a 35-minute ferry ride away.

Seattle has unlimited future opportunities for tech savvy souls. Often dubbed a "company town" due to industry giants such as Amazon and Microsoft, its startup scene is at the mercy of those mega giants gobbling up the available talent. In spite of this, Seattle has all of the ingredients necessary for startup whisperers from large research universities to satellite technical offices.

Coworking spaces on Bainbridge Island have become the haunts of ex-Microsoft employees amongst others, such as high-earning employees with dreams of their own who have saved up enough money over the last decade to launch their own startups.