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Nicosia offers two capital cities in one. As both the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and the capital of Northern Cyprus (a country recognized only by Turkey), Nicosia is the last capital in the world to be divided by military lines. As a result, interested visitors have the opportunity to see what it’s like to cross a military city checkpoint in the 21st century — a rare experience.

From ancient monuments to stunning art galleries, Nicosia is home to some fantastic landmarks that embody the island’s unique history. Before you head into work at one of Nicosia’s coworking spaces, make sure to check out the city’s cafe culture, which is an essential part of everyday life. Perhaps the best-known street in Nicosia, which will give you a real feel for the city’s local culture, is the pedestrian-friendly Ledra Street. With shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes, entrepreneurs can enjoy strolling along this street after a day of coworking.

For history buffs that are also interested in the many professional advantages on offer in Nicosia, this city is the perfect destination for innovators and business owners. Check out one of the many coworking spaces in Nicosia to determine which workspace is right for your needs.