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A part of the Seattle metropolitan area, Bothell ranks 78th out of 614 areas in Washington for its per capita income. Once the home to Native Americans known as the Sammamish, Bothell became a commercial logging camp around 1876. Predominantly a bedroom community for people working in Seattle, Bothell does have its intrepid souls who have no wish to jump on a train or get in a car to get to work. Coworking venues opening their doors on the streets have now given them an alternative to working at home alone or squatting in a noisy cafe.

Bothell is home to the campus of the University of Washington and to many high-tech sectors such as biotechnology and software development, such as Seattle Genetics and Alder Biopharmaceuticals to name a couple. There is a wealth of companies involved in computer technology, data and telecommunications, such as Systems Interface and Silicon Mechanics plus Google and Microsoft have campuses.

Currently the United States is seeing fewer people taking the plunge into the startup realm compared to previous years. High-tech businesses need to regroup, rethink and rehash to come up with new ideas that haven't been exploited by the tech giants. This slowing down of new tech businesses is being attributed to numerous factors, such as an aging population and fewer technologies and ideas to exploit. The tech titans such as Facebook, Apple and Amazon are dominating the playing field leaving less room for innovators to break in. With a mature ecosystem, the fledgling startups of the United States today need to dream bigger, get craftier and widen their imaginations to capture a new market space. Coworking venues are providing the space for collaboration for the tech savvy souls who have the hope and the will to succeed, or are simply providing the space to work for remote workers.