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Sitting in Madagascar's Central Highlands, Antananarivo is usually shortened to "Tana" to save the twisting of the tongue. Here it is all about eating, day trips, shopping and loads of history for the buffs into old things. It has been home to Malagasy power for 3 centuries and has plenty of culture to discover, plus some unexpected wildlife to gawk at. You may find the pollution and the traffic to be a put-off factor, but it is definitely worth the effort. Coworking venues have sprung up in this bustling city to cater to not just its innovative locals, but also for the wandering nomads who happen to have their laptops in their backpacks and need to get some work done.

The city is a melting pot of 18 Malagasy ethnic groups plus residents from Chinese, Indian and European origins. Founded in 1610, Tana is the political, economic, educational and cultural heart of Madagascar. There are 21 diplomatic missions, plenty of national and international businesses plus NGOs located here. It has a large number of universities, art venues and nightclubs for the night owls to frequent.

A country with its fair share of political and economic challenges is however seeing a handful of tech startups bringing their products and services to the global market. Madagascar is in the throes of transforming its traditional agriculture based markets to that of a digitized service-based economy. Coworking venues are providing the perfect workspace for the innovative and creative locals leading the charge.