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About North Kansas City

Part of the Kansas City Metropolitan area, North Kansas in Missouri was originally a northern suburb of Kansas City sitting on the opposite side of the Missouri River. Today North Kansas is practically encased by Kansas City. So whatever you want in Kansas City, it is at your disposal. A well-planned city of homes, commercial premises and parks, it is connected to its big sister by a bridge. This is a tornado prone area and most homes have their own "bomb" shelters (aka safety basements).

North Kansas is not really a tourist destination, but Kansas City has hidden gems such as more fountains than any other city in the world except for Rome (nicknamed "City of Fountains") and wide boulevards to meander through. Kansas City is where the action is, so head over the bridge where the old blends with the new. This is the town where jazz is played everywhere and you can hear live music in the famous 18th and Vine Historic District or at the City Market. You can waltz around Science City, the Kansas Zoo for talking to the animals and lose your money at the Kansas City's casinos.

The downtown area is undergoing revitalization after years of neglect and the old empty buildings are becoming swanky loft apartments and high-dollar condominiums. There is the Crossroads Arts District (think breweries, bars and a hippy bohemian vibe) to explore, as well as the River Market area where hip cafes, funky bars, sleek clubs and upmarket restaurants will draw you in. You can jump a streetcar to get from Union Station to the River Market and mingle with the locals along the way. Make sure you check out the Farmers Market held every Saturday and Sunday for some local treats.

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