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The largest town on the south coast of the Ria de Arousa facing Rianxo on the opposite coastline, Villagarcia de Arose is a bustling town of tourists and locals with plenty of boats in its marina. You can meander along the seafront promenade that is dressed in buzzing cafes, funky bars plus restaurants or head to a coworking space and actually get some work done, if you are so inclined. The city for those into running from their work in the middle of the day to dip their toes in the ocean, there is a pebbly arched beach begging you to have a swim.

The town of Villagarcia de Arosa probably won't have you swooning, but it will slowly creep into your veins. There are no amazing ancient ruins to wander around, but you will find plenty of bars and cafes for when you wish to sit in the sun and slurp espresso. For the diehard "Maccas" (McDonalds) fans you can grab a burger and most afternoons are spent deliriously happy nodding off to sleep for siesta time. It is the 9th largest town in Galicia with a population of about 37,712, so you will get to know the locals and shouldn't get lost when out and about.

Villagarcia de Arosa is another Spanish city seeing a change in the business scene that was once dominated by traditional roles. Today it is quite acceptable from a cultural point of view to say that you are an entrepreneur and not a civil servant or a farmer or a fisherman. It is also becoming the accepted norm that an office space is not necessary to work in. Coworking is becoming an institution throughout the entire country of Spain as more and more intrepid Spanish innovators don't wish to become squashed between 4 walls of boredom.

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