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About Tonawanda

A city in the county of Erie of New York with a population of around the 15,130 mark, Tonawanda sits south across the Erie Canal (Tonawanda Creek) from North Tonawanda and north of Buffalo. It's actually a part of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area. The city was gentrified from a lumbering enclave in the 1970s and today is a thriving metropolis albeit of the small kind. Coworking venues have opened their doors to cater to the innovative locals who like to stay on their home ground rather chase the hype and the smog of the big cities.

With behemoths such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft staking out their own territory in the Financial District, Chelsea Market and other enclaves, New York is a throbbing hive of activity where startups subsist and thrive off their successes. For those that have no inclination to join the hustle of the "Big Apple", coworking venues have given them the option to get creative and innovative within Tonawanda where they can hang out with likeminded people.