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Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg and conveniently located in the heart of Western Europe. Working from Luxembourg City provides easy access to other major European startup hubs with Paris, Berlin, and London all under an hour away by plane. Yet, Luxembourg City’s startup scene is nothing to overlook either. With cutting edge infrastructure, especially related to IT and network connectivity, Luxembourg has the foundational support your technology company needs to grow. The local startup community may be relatively small, but it’s also active and welcoming. More and more initiatives are constantly popping up to support local startups including accelerators, incubators, and coworking spaces.

Moving beyond purely the startup scene, Luxembourg City is also notable due to its impressive livability. The city consistently ranks in the top handful of the world in regards to personal safety and GDP. The local labor force is highly skilled and demanding of high salaries considering the city’s expensive real estate. Of course, this makes Luxembourg City one of the best places to network with other professionals. Similar to NYC, if you can make it in Luxembourg City, you can make it anywhere.

Fortunately, the city does have surprisingly affordable public transportation. Walking may be the best way to get around, however, as Luxembourg is extremely walkable due to its small size and beautiful scenery. Consider checking out the city’s old town as its pedestrian friendly and has numerous shops, bars, and restaurants highlighting the city’s historical roots. Perhaps the best places to dine are the cities four Michelin starred establishments.

Regardless of where you eat, there’s a good chance you’ll run into another highly successful entrepreneur or professional. The country’s small size geographically and its small population make it easier for you to become a market leader in any business endeavor and gain access to key economic decision makers. With nearly half of Luxembourg City’s population being foreigners, your service or business will also quickly learn to serve an international market. If you’d like to work from coworking spaces, and hustle in one of Europe’s most underrated financial hubs, Luxembourg is the city for you.